The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA) produces, publishes and co-authors a wide variety of materials for a variety of audiences: 

  • Traditional Owners and Indigenous land and sea managers need relevant and accessible information. Information and experience sharing opportunities are also valuable for mutual support, for broadening knowledge and capability and for helping stay in control of core values as their land and sea management sector develops around them; 
  • Researchers, policy makers, students and others equally value quality, credible and reliable information on developments in Indigenous natural and cultural resource management in north Australia. You will find information on current activities in policy development, Indigenous knowledge, salt and fresh water and land management, youth leadership the carbon economy and more.

NAILSMA produces written, audio, video and multi-media materials, facilitates face to face and large forums, and promotes the work of others to help address the need for good information and networking. We also produce publicly accessible tools for such things as monitoring and evaluation, local governance and promotion – see for example I-Tracker resources.

These documents can be accessed through the search options to the left of this page. If you would like further information please contact: