Indigenous State of the Region Report 2018 – 2021

The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA), supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), is developing an Indigenous State of the Region report (ISRR) that credibly measures the impact of caring for country by Indigenous land and sea managers. 

Funded by the DENR Aboriginal Ranger Grants program, NAILSMA seeks to directly acknowledge the role of Indigenous people in conservation efforts, employing adaptive management strategies at a regional scale and using new scientific and practical methods to monitor ecosystems. 

This project will work with Traditional Owners, Indigenous land and sea practitioners, scientists and research agencies to identify a practical range of environmental and socio-cultural indicators applicable to regions and communities across the Top End. The agreed indicators will be monitored and the data analysed to identify environmental trends, and an Indigenous State of the Region Report will be produced. 

NAILSMA Chief Executive Officer Ricky Archer believes the report will inform policy discussions and opportunities for future investment in the ecosystem services sector. “This is an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of the Working on Country and Indigenous Protected Area programs, both in cultural and environmental terms, and of the benefits to Indigenous people managing their land and sea country. It is also an opportunity to document and articulate this story to mainstream Australia”. 

The project will produce a reporting framework that will enable future ISRR’s to be applied in other jurisdictions, including initial plans to assess the Northern Territory in its entirety to identify state-wide trends and impacts of land management. 

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