Land Patrol Application

The I-Tracker Land Patrol Application was developed in collaboration with Indigenous ranger groups, Traditional Owners, scientists, researchers and government agencies. The development of the Land Patrol Application has been through a rigorous process to ensure the application addresses Indigenous land management objectives, including an on-country trial and a working group to evaluate its useability in the field.

I Tracker Lpa Screen V3A1

I-Tracker Land Patrol Application opening screen

The I-Tracker Land Patrol Application v5 was created using CyberTracker software.You will need CyberTracker Version 3.353 or later to use this application.

For more information about customising the Land patrol Application download the following PDF document: I-Tracker Land Patrol Application Customisation Instruction

The I-Tracker Land Patrol Application enables rangers to collect information on a wide range of terrestrial management activities including:

  • Fire: controlled burning, fire surveys
  • Weeds: weed sightings, surveys, treatment, species ID
  • Feral Animals: sighting, surveys, monitor damage/impacts
  • Biodiversity: monitoring native plants and animals
  • Visitor Management: visitor information, camping permits, campsite maintenance
  • Water Health: monitoring and recording the health of water ways
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) activities

View a video clip of the workshop held at Normanton Queensland where rangers and NAILSMA staff begin to develop the I-Tracker Land Patrol Application.

Download the I-Tracker Land Patrol Application