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I-Tracker applications are used to collect data on a wide range of natural and cultural resources. Individual I-Tracker applications have been developed by NAILSMA to support land and sea management activities by Indigenous communities.

You can download the applications using the following form. Please note, that the information we ask is used to keep us informed about who is using our I-Tracker applications and to maintain resources to support the I-Tracker program.  We do not use this information for any other purpose. 

For any enquiries please contact admin@nailsma.org.au

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Guiding Priciples

Guiding principles for using NAILSMA I-Tracker applications

I-Tracker is a project supported by NAILSMA. Project participants have agreed to a set of guiding principles that govern individual or organisational involvement in the I-Tracker project, as described by NAILSMA partners. They are:

  • Participants are working under approved local plans and have the authority of local Traditional Owners to complete their work.
  • Participants have identified a clear understanding of why data is being collected and that I-Tracker is an appropriate tool to collect, manage and share the information.
  • Data is being collected for informing local community priorities such as community-based management plans, day to day Ranger operations, fee for service agreements with external stakeholders, and reporting requirements to funding organisations.
  • Agreements and protocols are in place to ensure that Traditional Owners of the target area have given their informed consent for the data collection to occur.
  • Traditional Owners have discussed how the data is to be used, stored, analysed and shared with others.
  • Ownership of the data has been clearly defined and agreed.

Statement Of Understanding

I understand and agree to the following statements:

  • This CyberTracker application has been developed for a specific project to support Indigenous land and sea managers across North Australia. Training and support in its use is being provided by NAILSMA staff to Indigenous groups involved in the I-Tracker network.
  • Whilst the application is available to anyone, it is provided 'as is' and without warranty or any expectation of training and support.
  • If you make any significant modifications to screens or elements within the application, you must remove any mention of NAILSMA and the I-Tracker project (e.g. the opening screen). This will ensure that users and distributors of the application are aware that it is no longer the same application, and therefore not supported by NAILSMA because of the modifications.