Education, Training and Career Pathway Posters

NAILSMA has developed a series of posters to promote and showcase some of the education, training and career pathways available to remote Indigenous students and adult learners in the land and sea management sector. The pathway posters graphically demonstrate information about potential education and career pathways in Education, Business, Horticulture, Science, Biosecurity and Land and Sea Management.

In remote communities, job opportunities can be limited. These posters provide a visual resource developed for people living in remote communities to help draw the connection between education, training and job opportunities and how someone can achieve these goals. The posters have been designed to encourage people's personal and professional aspirations and goal setting within the existing education system. The pathways posters clearly show what might be possible in terms of education and career progression within the local region.

Different employment opportunities are aligned with the relevant qualifications from a Certificate 1 or 2 through to a Bachelors degree. For example, the Land and Sea Management poster shows the progression from a junior ranger through to CEO.

The step by step outline in the posters addresses how an individual can move from one education level to another and also facilitates an understanding of the types of education and training other jobs may require, such as Fly in Fly out roles including Trainers and Assessors, Scientists and others. Encouraging people to think about what they would like to achieve in their own careers.

These posters are suitable for schools, career and employment centres, training and further education centres, community centres and workplaces, and we encourage you to download them, print them out and put them up!

If you have any feedback or find these posters useful, we would love to hear from you - email Erica McCreedy, Senior Project Coordinator: