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Posted 2018-10-17

Jobs on Country: Growing and Expanding the Carbon Industry


Jobs on Country: Growing and Expanding the Carbon Industry

17 October 2018

The Territory Labor Government is supporting more jobs on country with today’s release of the Northern Territory’s first Aboriginal Carbon Industry Strategy.

This Government is expanding and growing carbon projects and the carbon industry across Aboriginal land, providing positive economic outcomes for Aboriginal people and improved environmental outcomes for the Northern Territory.

A key role of this Strategy is to provide advice and support to ranger groups and Aboriginal land holders seeking to create sustainable enterprises through carbon abatement and sequestration, and help promote this emerging industry to new and potential partners across Australia and the world.

It focuses on five key areas of action:

  • Developing a policy framework to provide certainty and a stable base for industry development;

  • Improving awareness by promoting the industry across government and the wider community;

  • Addressing impediments to long term growth and project development;

  • Identifying new opportunities for industry development and growth; and

  • Streamlining access to support services for industry start up and development.

A role the Government plays is in the development of early emission reduction projects in Arnhem Land, as well as reducing emissions and fire risk through Bushfires NT’s fuel reduction program. Almost half (40%) of the Territory’s annual greenhouse emissions is through wildfires.

This Government is supporting industries and avenues to increase Aboriginal employment on country and this Strategy will support ongoing development and promotion of the Aboriginal carbon industry in the Territory. For more information visit

Quotes from the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Eva Lawler:

“The Territory Labor Government’s absolute priority is to create local jobs, and we are delivering on that plan”.

“The carbon industry has created hundreds of meaningful jobs in some of the remotest parts of the Territory. It has also generated significant social and cultural benefits through providing opportunities for Aboriginal people to live on and care for their traditional lands”.

“The future for the carbon industry is very exciting, this is the first strategy of its type and scale to be released in the Northern Territory and the Territory Labor Government is playing a pivotal role in developing these new opportunities”.

Quotes from the Chief Executive Officer of North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA), Ricky Archer:

“The North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) has managed collaborative research into fire and carbon management since 2008. NAILSMA remains focused on and promotes Indigenous Knowledge systems as integral to doing Business on Country, including fire and carbon management and other Payment for Environmental Services enterprises”.

“I commend the NT Government investment into this innovative industry and look forward to the cultural, environmental, social, and economic benefits this will bring to Indigenous rangers, land managers, and practitioners in the Northern Territory”.

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