Over the past decade, NAILSMA has delivered well over $30 million worth of projects across north Australia, partnering with Indigenous Australians, government, private and corporate sectors, and the general public.

This support helps us research, develop and deliver practical programs that directly assist Indigenous people to manage globally significant resources across north Australia on behalf of all humanity.

This support also helps us pilot new initiatives that give Indigenous people the opportunity to broaden their horizons, engage in the market economy, and value and strengthen their own culture.

In our strategic plan 2011-2016, we placed partnerships and the principle of co-responsibility at the forefront of everything we do. These partnerships are based on our values of respect, transparency, commitment and responsibility. These have their foundation in Indigenous people’s connection to and maintenance of their lands and seas, laws, languages, cultures and customs.

For positive change to occur, partnerships are essential to grow innovation and best practice.

The benefits of partnering with NAILSMA

  • You will be working with a well-respected and trusted organisation that has a successful track record in initiating and delivering programs that combine science and research with Indigenous knowledge to deliver cultural, economic, and environmental results.
  • You will be supporting strong Indigenous leadership – a unique opportunity to support the only northern Indigenous approach to northern challenges.
  • You will be working with a recognised leader in biodiversity, water policy, marine and inter-tidal zone care and use, and carbon management, as they affect Indigenous people.
  • Through NAILSMA, you will be supporting many different Indigenous communities, businesses, philanthropists and governments who take the management of the north’s unique cultural and natural values seriously in order to ensure future generations enjoy this amazing part of the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about supporting NAILSMA please email: