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The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA) uses partnerships to build resilience and prosperity across a diverse range of issues affecting Indigenous land and sea managers.

Looking after our country.....our way

The philosophy of Looking after our country...our way underpins all efforts by the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA).

It is this philosophy that drives our vision of a future for north Australia with Indigenous people, their aspirations and their lands as its foundation.

‘What the projects of NAILSMA aim to achieve is to build the resilience and prosperity of Indigenous people in northern Australia through partnerships, be they communities, government,  philanthropic or non-government. The importance of our approach is that Indigenous people, the practitioners are on their country, and are achieving significant outcomes that contribute to healthy country and healthy people.’

Peter Yu, Chairperson, NAILSMA Ltd.

Combining Indigenous knowledge with science and research, we are recognised for our expertise in biodiversity, water policy and planning, marine and coastal care and use, data collection and carbon management. We have been instrumental in advocating for the establishment of Indigenous ranger programs, Marine Management, Indigenous carbon opportunities and subsequent support delivered by the Australian Government.

Today we are recognised as the leader in Indigenous land and sea management across the region and internationally. We have gained a significant track record for delivering cultural, economic and environmental results for Indigenous people across the north of Australia in collaboration with key partners.

NAILSMA’s many successes:

Working with other Indigenous organisations and communities is critical to this success and ensures our programs are culturally appropriate and effective.

In turn, we bring a decade of experience of working with Government, business and other organisations to achieve lasting conservation and economic results.

  • Development of a comprehensive water rights, policy and planning approach to bring about economic development opportunities for communities and equitable water conservation across the tropical north.
  • Delivery of the first multi-jurisdictional marine turtle and dugong conservation project;
  • Development of the I-Tracker program to help Indigenous people collect and collate data that reveals the important work Indigenous land and sea managers and owners carry out on behalf of the nation.
  • Development of an Indigenous environmental services economy, aimed at achieving social, cultural, economic and conservation benefits across north Australia.
  • Identifying leadership opportunities in future generations to build resilience in caring for country.

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