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Mapping and data service

The I-Tracker mapping and data service has been set up to assist Indigenous land and sea managers access mapping data held by government and non-government, statutory, and research organisations. This is achieved by NAILSMA I-Tracker staff providing help by email or phone.

I-Tracker Applications are developed using CyberTracker software. CyberTracker allows the addition and integration of other images (backgrounds) and data layers (sites, lines and areas) to maps. Extra maps and data are not always easy to find, access or obtain, even though some data is freely available to download via the internet. The I-Tracker mapping and data service can help you do this by stepping you through the process and assisting you to find maps and data.

In summary the I-Tracker mapping and data service can:

  • provide advice and access to available spatial data sets;
  • prepare data for use (e.g. extracting relevant information from a data set);
  • convert data so it can be imported into CyberTracker;
  • provide advice and training on how to integrate patrol data with other data layers and maps;
  • help access base data for matters of national and international environmental significance;
  • assist in developing reports; and
  • assist in uploading data to government databases.

Here is an example of the type of assistance we can provide:

Adding fisheries closure lines data to a field map

Fisheries closure lines are closure areas that limit where commercial fishers can operate.  In this example map, the blue lines are fisheries closure lines.

You can add these closure lines to a field map to use with the I-Tracker Saltwater Country Patrol Application.

If you have these closure lines on a field map on your PDA in your patrol boat you will be able to tell more easily whether a fisher is operating in a legal area.

We have created a document that you can download and print that gives examples of the type of assistance that is available including:

  • adding data to a field map;
  • planning with spatial data;
  • telling a story with maps;
  • adding background maps; and
  • accessing a variety of other maps and data.

Download the NAILSMA I-Tracker Mapping and Data Services Example document

Who to contact?

Contact NAILSMA I-Tracker staff if you would like assistance with the I-Tracker mapping and data service:

Phone: 08 8946 7673 (ask to speak with Billee McGinley or an available I-Tracker officer)