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Gangalidda and Garawa rangers use the I-Tracker Land Patrol Application

I-Tracker is short for 'Indigenous Tracker'. It is a project that supports Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia to undertake natural and cultural resource monitoring, research and management activities using digital technology and equipment. NAILSMA's I-Tracker provides training and on-going technical support to Traditional Owners and Indigenous ranger groups. 

What is I-Tracker?

NAILSMA consults with Indigenous land and sea managers to find out what natural resource data and information they want to collect about their country. From this NAILSMA develops digital applications that can be downloaded onto a hand held computer with GPS, camera, voice recording functions (called a PDA). The rangers take this PDA on land or sea patrols and use it to record data electronically. This data is then downloaded to their office computers, where the information can be viewed on a map and used to create reports for future planning and management practices.

Application development

Applications are developed using the internationally acclaimed software CyberTracker ( During the application development process, ranger groups trial the new application and report back to NAILSMA on any issues that need to be addressed. This ensures that the I-Tracker applications are culturally appropriate and user-friendly. I-Tracker staff consult with scientists and researchers to ensure that recognised best practice standards of data collection are met. I-Tracker applications are designed to collect standardised data while allowing for customisation to reflect local and regionally specific priorities.

Training and support

The NAILSMA I-Tracker program provides on-site individual and group training for Indigenous rangers and on-going technical support via regular site visits, email and phone contact. Regular technical and computer skill workshops are delivered by a team of qualified staff with skills in land and resource management, geographical information systems (GIS), computer software and information management.

More than 25 Indigenous ranger groups in north Australia are now involved in the NAILSMA I-Tracker program. The increasing take up of the program by ranger groups makes the NAILSMA I-Tracker program one of the most successful digital data collection tools used by Indigenous land and sea managers in Australia.

What I-Tracker applications are available?

I-Tracker is used to collect data for a wide range of natural and cultural resources. Individual I-Tracker applications have been developed by NAILSMA for saltwater country management and land management activities. Both these applications are available for download on this website.


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