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The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA) uses partnerships to build resilience and prosperity across a diverse range of issues affecting Indigenous land and sea managers.

These partnerships deliver culturally appropriate and effective programs based on Indigenous knowledge and contemporary science in the management of land and sea.

The philosophy of ‘looking after our country our way’ underpins all programs. These programs are designed to support Traditional Owners to contribute to healthy country and people on their traditional lands.

The Carbon Program supports Indigenous land managers to establish, own and operate carbon abatement projects. It promotes Indigenous Knowledge as an integral part of land and fire management.

I-Tracker is short for Indigenous Tracker. It is a project that supports Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia to undertake natural and cultural resource monitoring, research and management activities using digital technology and equipment. NAILSMA's I-Tracker provides training and on-going technical support to Traditional Owners and Indigenous ranger groups.

Artist recording water knowledge, ICWFN Water and Art Stories Camp, Keep River, 2010

The Indigenous Knowledge program aims to promote the understanding and value of Indigenous knowledge in current land and sea management practices.

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, brings together over 1200 member states, government agencies and non-governmental organisations who are collectively helping the world find solutions to our most pressing conservation and development challenges.

Small scale enterprise development

Enterprise development requires a mixture of micro and large scale enterprises to support local, regional and national communities. Small scale enterprises are important for local and regional development.

The North Australian Indigenous Experts Forum provides advice to the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum on key strategic policy interests relevant to Indigenous people’s aspirations for sustainable development.

The Saltwater People Network facilitates the sharing of land and sea management knowledge, experience and techniques between Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia. The network covers coasts across the tropical north.

The Water Resource Management program supports Traditional Owners and their communities to sustainably manage water resources. These resources provide for the health, cultural, social and economic well being of Indigenous people.

Our Youth Leadership Program aims to secure futures for young Indigenous men and women in north Australia by supporting careers and advancement in land and sea management.