Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have died.

Welcome to our Information Hub

This section of our website has been designed to enable you to find information about Indigenous land and sea managers and their work in north Australia. You will also find further details about our current activities in policy development, Indigenous knowledge, opportunities in the carbon economy, salt and fresh water management and youth leadership.

The section contains the following:

  • Programs We partner with Traditional Owners, government, philanthropic and non-government organisations to deliver culturally appropriate and effective programs based on Indigenous knowledge and contemporary science in the management of land and sea. In this section you will find detailed information about a number of programs and initiatives NAILSMA is working on. Link to Programs
  • Working together We work with Traditional Owners to deliver best practice, self governed land and sea management on traditional lands and sea. Details of land and sea managers and organisations we work with can be accessed here. Link to the Working Together page and use the right hand side categories to filter your results to see who’s working on country and what they are doing.
  • Map of Indigenous Land and Sea Managers in North Australia A Google map has been created to locate ranger groups across the North of Australia. You can use the map to see a summary of information about the ranger groups on the map. Simply click on the marker and an information bo will appear. View the map
  • Resources The Resources section of the website stores many articles, publications, press releases, movies and audio files that have been produced by ourselves and our partners. The section also contains other organisation / individual publications that relate to the work we do and are of interest to Indigenous land and sea management. When you view this section you can search and filter using the menus on the right hand side.



North Australia is home to much of the nation’s biodiversity and many environmental assets.  These assets have for thousands of years been managed by Indigenous people who have developed sustainable land and sea management skills and knowledge by living and connecting with the land and sea. Looking after our country… our way is playing a crucial part in driving the economy in the region.


NAILSMA has spearheaded the concept of a culture-based economy. This places enormous importance on cultural values, beliefs and practices, and links cultural knowledge to wisdom gained from thousands of years of managing and connecting with the land and sea.


Long-term economic health depends on environmental and cultural health. The concept of a culture-based economy enables Indigenous people to engage directly in the market economy and at the same time value and strengthen their own cultural values, beliefs and practices as well as use their knowledge of land and sea management. Country + Culture = Economy and more resilient Indigenous communities across north Australia.