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Developing new educational resources on savanna burning

  • Author:  NAILSMA
  • NAILSMA’s Carbon program supports Indigenous people in their efforts to reinvigorate their traditional burning practices in northern savannas. One of the key challenges to supporting these efforts is the need for suitable educational resources that communicate difficult concepts relating to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and income earning opportunities from managing fire.

    Extensive consultations with Indigenous people about their needs have identified a perceived lack of information targeted at Indigenous people. To address this gap, NAILSMA has been working with Live and Learn Environmental Education to develop a facilitator’s manual and two animated movies about climate change and savanna burning.

    By using innovative approaches to deliver information, animations have proven to be a successful  tool for community education. One of the animations, about climate change, has been adapted from a highly successful video made for south-west Pacific audiences. The second animated movie considers the opportunity for earning income using traditional-style fire management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Both of the animations use entirely Indigenous Australian voiceovers for their audio, and will be available in both English and Creole versions. They can also be easily adapted into other local languages. The animations can be used in conjunction with the facilitator’s manual, or as standalone educational tools.

    Both the manual, entitled ‘Climate Change and Carbon Farming in Northern Australia: Education Manual for Facilitators’ and the animations, will be available from our website. Other carbon project resources can already be found on our website at